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Most people of color can’t afford to live in Portland, report finds

A new report by the city’s housing bureau finds that in 2022, Portlanders identifying as Black, Native American, and Latino and making the average income for their demographic would have been unable to afford the cost of a house anywhere within city limits.


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Several people stand in a garage holding signs urging action on Morrow County's nitrate crisis.

EPA pressures Oregon to clean up groundwater pollution

The Environmental Protection Agency's Region 10 administrator warned Oregon government agencies that federal authorities will take action if the state doesn’t address nitrate contamination cleanup in Eastern Oregon.

An egg in a nest of pink flowers in outer space.
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Superabundant dispatch: Celebrating the flavors of the vernal equinox

Between Holi (Hindu Festival of Colors), Nowruz (Persian New Year), Shunbun no Hi (Japanese Vernal Equinox Day) and Ostara/Easter, there are so many ways humans have traditionally celebrated the return of spring. The vernal equinox represents a triumph of life over the dark, cold death of winter; of fertility and rebirth. In this week’s newsletter, we reflect on the ways in which the equinox is observed with the season’s symbolic foods.


A day in the life of an Oregon paraeducator

When you think about who works in a school, you think of teachers, principals, custodians, counselors — but there are also paraeducators. Paras are deployed to help students with disabilities make the most of their education.