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coming of age


A former teenage SoundCloud phenom grows up on “The Long And Short Of It”

As a teen, musician Graham Jonson shared self-produced beats with throngs of online fans under the name quickly, quickly. Now 21, he’s transformed that project from a curiosity into a full-fledged songwriting career.


A farmer sifts the soil of one of his dry fields.

Bitter Harvest

Food and Farms

Klamath Basin farmers take stock of their losses

After an unprecedented shut-off of irrigation water in the Klamath Project, agriculture producers had to scramble to find water for their crops. While many used groundwater wells to make up at least some of the loss, the limits of that resource became clear.


Oregon COVID-19 cases

Source for all charts: Oregon Health Authority
Created by Jacob Fenton

Oregon hospital usage

Depending on staffing, Oregon has between 600 and 800 adult ICU beds and between 4,000 and 7,000 regular beds. Labeled percentages are for COVID cases.

Oregon vaccinations

Line does not distinguish between first and second doses. Researchers estimate Oregon will reach herd immunity when around 6 million doses have been distributed.

Portland City Hall
City of Portland

‘OPB Politics Now’: Hot times at Portland City Hall

It’s been a big week in Portland City Hall, with developments that touch on three of the most contentious issues of the day: homelessness, recent political protests and abortion.

A conversation with Oregon’s first Missing and Murdered Indigenous Persons Coordinator

Native Americans are more than twice as likely to experience violent crimes compared to all other races in the U.S. In Oregon, there are at least 19 unsolved cases of missing or murdered Indigenous people. And now, a national program created through the Department of Justice is trying to address the problem with tribal outreach and data research. OPB spoke with Cedar Wilkie Gillette, the state's first appointed Missing and Murdered Indigenous Persons Coordinator, to find out more.