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Wheeler County remains one of the few in the nation without COVID-19 cases

By Samantha Matsumoto (OPB)
Oct. 9, 2020 2:50 p.m.

Broadcast: Friday, Oct. 9

Thousands are expected to come to Wheeler County due to its wide vistas, sunny skies and natural wonders like the nearby Painted Hills. Consequently, the U.S. Forest Service and other government agencies are struggling with many of the issues confronting small towns like Spray.

Wheeler County, home to the Painted Hills, is Oregon's least populated county.

Aaron Scott / OPB


Wheeler County is the only county in Oregon, and one of four in the nation, with no confirmed cases of COVID-19. Dr. Robert Boss is the public health officer for the county. He joins us to talk about what’s gone right in Wheeler County, and how the community is preparing for the colder months ahead.

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