LA rock band Lord Huron

Maria DeHart - “In My Head”


Portland artist Maria DeHart released a new four-song EP called “Quarantunes” in January which featured this melodic song. “This track is about the fear of being alone with my own thoughts all day and having no real life outside of my own anxieties and the extensive yet limited world that is social media,” DeHart said recently. “In My Head” is wonderfully downtempo and features a beautiful, but subtle, guitar groove and stirring harmony. But it’s the atmospheric effect of DeHart’s vocal lead that defines the song as true bright spot in the dream pop music space.

Lord Huron - “Mine Forever”

Lord Huron’s new single “Mine Forever” comes from the band’s fourth full-length album, “Long Lost,” which comes out on May 21 via Republic Records. In “Mine Forever” the LA band have taken their love of classic dusty trail folk rock to another level with haunting harmonies that give the song an almost mythological and grandiose feel.

Friedberg - “Yeah”

The quartet Friedberg is a new project fronted by London-based musician Anna Friedberg, who is set to release the debut EP “YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH” on April 4th. The highlight of this release is the jaunty party single aptly named “Yeah.” Friedberg leans into her pop influences here with such earnestness that the group is ultimately able to dance right around what might seem like clichés and potential pitfalls for lesser artists. The group owns every catchy beat, hand clap and spirited chorus, resulting in something that’s truly fresh and exciting.


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