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Monday Mix: Santigold, Tobe Nwigwe, The Beths

By Ray Gill, Jr. (OPB)
July 11, 2022 1 p.m.

Kickstart the week with three new songs hand-picked for your playlist.

Santigold — “High Priestess”


Santi White, aka Santigold, recently dropped her first release since 2018, “High Priestess.” She collaborated with producers Boys Noize, Ray Brady, Psymun, and Ryan Olson to discover a sound that takes this track to another level. “The energy I was looking for couldn’t be the old version of punk rock, it had to be the future sound of punk rock,” Santigold explained in a statement. “They brought the angst.”

Tobe Nwigwe — “ROUND HERE (PART ONE)”

Tobe Nwigwe is a Nigerian-American hip-hop artist who hails from Houston. Nwigwe pays homage to his hometown in his new banger “ROUND HERE (PART ONE).” The track packs bountiful energy and innovative, deep bass production into a compressed run time of just under two minutes, but it’s Nwigwe’s lyrical skills that shine the most.

The Beths — “Silence Is Golden”

New Zealand-based quartet The Beths recently announced the imminent arrival of their third album “Expert in a Dying Field’' (Sept. 16th). They dropped this lead single, “Silence Is Golden,” as part of the fanfare. The song is full of frenetic energy that deftly amplifies its anxious narrative. “The song is about stress and anxiety manifesting as an intolerance to noise,” vocalist Elizabeth Stokes said in a statement. “Where each new sound makes you more and more stressed.”


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