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Indigenous peoples, in Oregon and beyond, are decolonizing maps

Western maps, imbued with the history and power structures of colonialism, often erase Indigenous people and culture from their traditional lands. Now, Indigenous cartographers are countering that erasure by decolonizing maps, in Oregon and throughout the world.

COVID-19 redefines musical theater

Cailey McCandless is the program director of Teen Musical Theater of Oregon, a youth theater program based in Medford. The program, which provides a safe space for young artists, produces several performances a year. But the pandemic shut down the company’s spring show two days before opening night, forcing McCandless to come up with innovative ways to keep the production alive.

Portland Black comedians reflect on the role of comedy in Black Lives Matter

Black Portlanders in the city’s comedy scene have spent the last few months out of work due to the coronavirus pandemic. In the midst of a global Black Lives Matter uprising, Black comedians are also figuring out how their humor fits into the movement.