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Portland creator Daniela Molnar explores the shape of loss

Artist Daniela Molnar does it all. She makes her own paint with pigments and water that she forages from the wild and in Portland. She is also a painter and a poet. Molnar has launched the New Earth Series, which includes shapes of glacier loss all over the world. She derives the "shapes of loss" from satellite images.

Historic Albina Arts building gets new life as Soul Restoration Center

The Albina Arts center was once a significant cultural hub for Black communities in North and Northeast Portland. But the building had fallen into disrepair and various plans have been proposed to reinvent and revitalize it. Darrell Grant, a musician and professor of Jazz Studies at Portland State University, began holding cultural events at the space last year, and partnered with writer and artist Renee Mitchell to create the Soul Restoration Center this year.

A remembrance and celebration of Oregon artists who died in 2021

It is with sadness but also a deep appreciation of their work that we remember artists who died in 2021. All of us on Oregon Art Beat are honored that these artists shared their stories with us. We celebrate their indelible contributions to the arts and culture landscape of Oregon.

Emerging BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and disabled artists find home in Downstairs Gallery

For many BIPOC and LGBTQ artists, it may be difficult to get their work into mainstream galleries if they aren’t well-known enough. A gallery in Portland is hoping to give those emerging artists a home to show their art and potentially jumpstart their career.