Cascadia Subduction Zone

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Fuel tanks sit along the river bank in Portland.

Portland adopts limits on fossil fuel terminals

Portland City Council voted on Wednesday to limit the expansion of fossil fuel terminals in the city. Supporters say the move is a critical step in the city’s efforts to combat climate change and reduce the potential for an environmental catastrophe.


By air and by bike, Northwest civilian pilots and cyclists rehearse delivering aid after ‘The Big One’

A huge dress rehearsal for regional earthquake disaster relief was supposed to happen next week until the ongoing pandemic forced its cancellation. The scrubbed Cascadia Rising exercise would have involved more than 22,000 participants – chiefly U.S. soldiers, sailors and airmen as well as state, local and tribal emergency planners. Some smaller drills are going ahead this weekend and next featuring civilian volunteers who will demonstrate unusual ways aid may get to Pacific Northwest earthquake survivors.

Emergency kits can contain everyday household items, like blankets, non-perishable food and communication devices like radios.

To Prepare For 'The Really Big One,' Test Your Kit

Do you know what you absolutely need to survive the first few days after a big earthquake, or if a wildfire forced you to evacuate? Maybe it’s your medication, a water filter, or some decent instant coffee.