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Portland's Friday night protests ended with police using tear gas, flash bangs and rubber bullets to disperse the crowd, after protesters threw water bottles and fruit at police and then knocked down a fence.

Protesters seek class action against Portland over police use of force

A “campaign of widespread violence” by the Portland Police Bureau violated thousands of protesters’ constitutional rights during the city’s 2020 racial justice demonstrations, according to a motion seeking class action certification filed Wednesday in federal court on behalf of protesters.

Portland, DOJ reach tentative agreement on body cameras and police oversight

Portland and U.S. Department of Justice have reached an agreement on a proposed new section to the 2014 settlement agreement guiding the police bureau’s use of force, and lays out steps that pave the way forward on a number of thorny issues the city, police union and federal prosecutors have been trying to resolve since the city fell out of compliance in April 2021.