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US judge voids permits for Columbia River methanol plant

A judge on Monday voided permits needed for a massive methanol plant on the Columbia River in southwestern Washington, agreeing with conservation groups that the project needs a more thorough environmental review.


In America’s whitest city, Black activists struggle to separate themselves from anarchists

More than five months into a social justice uprising, activists in the city are divided as to whether they are still fighting in a racial justice movement centered on Black lives, or if an unfocused, anti-establishment fight against capitalism and state power has usurped the initial cause that brought thousands of Portlanders into the streets.

Homeless amputee dies in Bend from cold weather exposure

A homeless man and double leg amputee has died in Bend, Oregon, after temperatures dipped below freezing this week. Bend, which often sees heavy snow in the winter, doesn’t have a permanent warming shelter and lacks a year-round low-barrier homeless shelter.

Beaverton’s new mayor, Lacey Beaty, will have a very different role

Beaverton is getting a new mayor next year — and she will have a very different job than her predecessor. Earlier this year, Beaverton approved a new charter that adopts a council-manager form of government, instead of the so-called "strong mayor" system.

Black Oregonians struggle to find mental health care amid increasing need

For years, Oregon has consistently ranked among the worst in the nation for access to mental health care services, and fewer than one-in-five mental health care providers in the state are people of color. Black mental health care providers make up less than 1%. That means it can be even more challenging for Black Oregonians to find a therapist.