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The #4 Trimet bus runs between St. Johns and Gresham.

TriMet faces historic driver shortage

TriMet is in need of 350 operators. As a result of this driver shortage, services for 10 bus lines will be scaled back.


Sean Kealiher speaks at a rally following the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States on Nov. 11, 2016, in Portland, Ore. Kealiher was killed in a hit and run outside Cider Riot! in Portland on Oct. 12, 2019. Police are investigating it as a homicide.

Portland Police arrest man for the 2019 murder of leftist activist

Portland police announced Thursday they have made an arrest in the 2019 high-profile murder of a local anti-fascist. The case has drawn national attention in the years since, largely due to local activists’ insistence that police were not actively trying to find those involved in the murder of Sean Kealiher because of his political views.

Portland aims to reduce gun violence with targeted neighborhood investments

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler recently declared a gun violence emergency in the city. He has also issued three different emergency declarations around homelessness this year. Portland’s new Community Safety Division is leading the efforts to address both homelessness and gun violence. We hear from Mike Myers, the leader of that division.

Portland outlines plan to fight invasive tree-killing beetle

Portland forestry officials are bracing for a major die-off of ash trees as an invasive beetle spreads through the region. The emerald ash borer has killed more than 100 million trees in the U.S. since its discovery in Michigan in 2002, and Oregon officials have long-feared its arrival.